Conditions of Use

This section expresses some of the obvious things that most people assume would be the case but someone thought it would be a good idea to spell things out. By using this site you are agreeing to these terms even though we didn't pay a lawyer to write them.

Disclaimer of Lack of Perfection

We are not perfect in any sense and may have made errors when creating the site, the text or any other aspect. You may even find a mis-spelled word or two. Our intent was pure but the execution may have been faulty.

Take no offense, none was intended.

All Images Are Copyrighted

All product images on this site are copyrighted by Canby Floral Inc. or the person who took the picture. That means you can't copy them for any other purpose, private or otherwise without the permission of us or the person who owns the copyright of the picture. We have permission to use them. You don't. So please don't copy the product images.

All Text is Copyrighted

Same here. You didn't write it. Someone else did. Please go make up your own text and don't use ours. Be creative and create your own text.  Please don't copy our work.

Collection and Use of Information

When you place an order, we require that you provide us with personal contact and billing information, including your address and telephone number.  We use this information to process the orders that you place with us. 

Credit Cards

When making purchases on our web site your credit card will be authorized upon receipt of the encrypted order information.  For your security and ours, all internet ip addresses are logged.

Company Name

Our web sites are all owned by FLGH, Inc. The name that will appear on your credit card statement will be  Poseyland Florist. Please don't be confused when you see it and don't panic thinking that someone has stolen your credit card information. It was just us using our single merchant account to process all of our credit card payments.

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