Privacy Notice

Privacy Statement

We are in the business to sell flowers and other products, not your information. Everything that is gathered during the course of you making a purchase on our site(s) is never sold or distributed. All information gathered is for the purpose of processing your payment, delivering your flowers and notifying you of any problems that we might encounter filling your order.  You may occassionally get a piece of marketing material from us or maybe a greeting card.  But your information is never given or sold to anyone outside of Canby Floral Inc.

Company Name

Our web sites are all owned by Poseyland Floral Inc. That name that will appear on your credit card statement will be  Poseyland Floral.  Please don't be confused when you see it and don't panic thinking that someone has stolen your credit card information. It was just us using our single merchant account to process all of our credit card payments.  


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