Shipping & Returns

Flowers will be available for pickup at our retail partner location generally after 10am on the requested day. If the delivery option was selected we will contact you and arrange a time.

Make sure you are prepared to care for the flowers promptly and properly once they are received. We are very concerned with your satisfaction but because of the perishable nature of flowers we must insist on the following guidelines for issuing credit.

  • Any request for credit must be requested within 24 hours of receipt of the flowers.
  • Credit will not be issued if the flowers were not cared for properly after receipt/delivery (ie: not cleaned, hydrated and/or kept at the correct temperature).
  • Credit will not be issued if the flowers didn't open 'enough'.  Unless advised by us otherwise, you should take delivery anywhere from 3 to 7 days in advance of your event to allow the flowers to open. 
    We will do our best to advise you as to a suggested delivery schedule for certain types of flowers but cannot be held responsible for conditions out of our direct control.
  • Likewise, credit will not be issued because flowers are 'too' open.  It is your responsibility to have adequate facilities available to keep your flowers cold once the desired blossoming stage has been reached.
  • Credit will not be issued because of an 'incorrect' color shade unless a consultation had been held prior to ordering.

You will picking your flowers up at our retail partner:

Poseyland Florist
  410 E 2nd McMinnville, OR 97218
  Store hours - 8am-5pm Mon thru Fri, 9am-5pm Sat

Thank you for shopping with us!

The McMinnville Wholesale Flowers Sales Staff